Building Custom Mini Choppers - Where To Start And How To Do It

You saw a mini chopper on your visit to the local bike shop and now want to build custom mini choppers.

The first question that will pop in your mind is that where to start. There are various steps involved like a plan, schedule, financing, buying parts, building and so one. Though not in that exact order you need to do each of the above step to build your own custom mini chopper.

The first step is to list down your reasons that justifies your urge to build Custom mini choppers.
It can be any of the following:

  • You want to look cool riding a custom mini chopper

  • You want to be able to say “I built that” proudly when someone admires your bike

  • You want to customize the regular Harley Davidson model available and make it look unique

And so on.

Once you have listed down all your reasons, next step is to take a look at the options available and make a plan. Make a schedule of when you will do what and look out for finance to support your project to build custom mini choppers.

First start with the options available then work as per the plan and always stick to the schedule. You will need to do exhaustive research on the subject before you proceed with it. Below described is a plan of custom mini chopper built using a motorcycle kit.

If you start building Custom mini choppers from a motorcycle kit, you have actually selected the cheapest option. Also from the mechanical perspective, you have a fair advantage. You have everything needed in a kit. All you will need is some labor, paint, fuel and oil. This will cost you around $12,000 at the start. If you have a bike kit, you can build it very fast and hit the road soon. Also the motivation will keep you going. The parts are readily available and all you need is time to put them together. If this is the first of the Custom mini choppers you are building then it is a very good choice in money, time and labor perspective.

Only one drawback is that the customization you can do in this plan is very limited. As all the parts are already there, you will have to stop from adding any new bar or sheets to your mini bike. All the parts are readymade parts and any further customization may destroy the look. You can otherwise opt to build Custom mini choppers from scratch. This is more tedious path but totally worth it if you want a completely customized bike of your own unique look.
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