Where To Buy A Mini Chopper? – Choose The Right Place Before Buying Your Pocket Bike

Mini choppers are motorcycles that are essentially a scaled down version of a custom built dirt bike, better known as choppers.

These mini choppers are conventionally built with a 3/4” steel pipe or a 1” steel tube. This tube or pipe is then bent and welded to get the right type of angle and preferred shapes for the bike frame. Mini Choppers are usually custom made. Some of the mini choppers serve only for decoration purposes while some of them have rights to be driven legally on the street.

Most bike lovers take up building a mini chopper as a do-it-yourself project. The various custom parts of the bike are collected and welded together to build a mini chopper of desired shape. If you want to get your bike custom made, you can contact your local automobile dealer or bike shop. Once you give you specifications, your bike will be built as per the instructions.

Where to Buy A Mini Chopper:

You can buy mini choppers at stores both in your locality and on online sites. Usually the mini bikes found on the online stores are cheaper than the actual bike stores. There are several online stores with proper customer service and after sale services which offer excellent mini choppers.

Before selecting a store always check for the following qualities at the store

  • Employee knowledge – The employee dealing with your mini chopper should have ready answers for your questions about the motorcycle. This will show his in-depth knowledge about the bikes.

  • Customer Service – The store should have round the clock customer service and support through phone. This will be needed when you are at a fix and are lost about fixing a minor glitch in your bike.

  • Inventory Stock – A proper bike shop should have high quality mini chopper parts of various styles and brands. The parts should be readily available and enough parts should be available during any given period of the month.

  • Quality – The quality of the bike and the various custom parts should be highest quality.

  • Policies – Most stores offer a return and guarantee policy. Check for these and make sure that the terms are as per your liking.

  • Sales & Offers – Many a time’s stores will have discounts and sales to attract customers. So ask for the discounts available at that time. There might also be offers on special orders or up gradations on your mini chopper. Ask about these in detail.

If you follow the above points you will be able to choose the right store to buy your mini chopper. If you are buying your mini chopper online, make sure that you buy it through secured sites.
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