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Welcome to our website. is a place on the world wide web that was initially created as a starting point for all mini chopper enthusiasts, custom mini chopperswith a perspective to eventually evolve to become a full blown online electronic magazine about the world of mini bikes, mini choppers, mini motorcycles, mini custom chopper kits, and to make a long story short all mini (including mid-size) motorized vehicles around the globe. Our final target to educate our audience, share our findings and knowledge on the subject and to help them in general with their quest on mini choppers.

Our interest in mini motorcycles has risen dramatically over the last 10 years when manufacturers started making cool and sexy looking pocket sized mini choppers.
Choppers were a piece of art to begin with, now imagine that chopper in a mini, super small, cool version that fits in the back of your trunk. Now that is a real piece of art!
There is no way in the world that someone rides one of these little motorized criters and won't get people's attention on the road, (well, to be exact, on the sidewalk, after all it is a mini chopper).

Mini chopper aficionados' ages have no barriers, you can see a 17 year old rider and you can also see a 60 year old rider. That goes to show you how fun small choppers are. We even spotted a kid (under parental supervision of course inside a park) riding a mini chopper (street bike style).

Through our web site we will try to educate you by trying to include as many resources as possible on minichopper: guides, howtos, mini chopper parts, do it yourself online guides (usually in PDF format), little instructional home made videos, riding videos and in general as much gathered world wide web info on mini bikes and choppers as possible in one place.

Our mini chopper love will also help our readers learn details and lots of inside info on motorcycle related material such as where or how do I find out what makes a mini chopper street legal. Beginner motorcyclists can see how easy it is to obtain a licence to drive those mini chopper wonders.

As our mini chopper audience grows we will try to be a bit more web 2.0 and give to you a more interactive web site, by letting you make a difference and state your mind and opinion by creating a forum, a blog and a categorized newsletter with news exciting ideas, vendors and manufacturers, from all over the world.

Finally we will include as many languages as possible because the mini chopper society is getting bigger and stronger around the world, from the biggest to the smallest countries. I almost forgot to mention our love for motorcycle apparel and clothing. When we ride we've got to ride in style :-) Enjoy your stay on our web site, you are more than welcome to drop us an email with your questions or comments on mini choppers. Do not feel left out if we don't answer to you email, we receive hundreds of them weekly, and is very hard to reply to all of them. However we try to be as responsive as possible, and to get back to as many emails as our free time allows to.
And remember: Ride to live and live to ride !

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